LISTING ALBUMS ONLY (45’s are not shown)

2013, Die Hinterstoisser Traverse, Wild Billy Childish and CTMF

2013, All Our Forts Are With You, Wild Billy Childish and CTMF

2013, 36 Years Later, Wild Billy Childish and CTMF

2013 Ich Lieber Dich, Wild Billy Childish and CTMF

2012 Tablets of Linear B, The Spartan Dreggs

2012 Coastel Command, Thea Spartan Dreggs

2012 Dreggredation, The Spartn Dreggs

2012 Dung Beetle Rolls Again, Billy Chyldish & Sexton Ming

2011 Misery Shared, The Spartan Dreggs

2011 Forensic R & B, The Spartan Dreggs

2010 Poets of England, The Vermin Poets

2009 Archive from 1959: The Billy Chyldish Story, Billy Chyldish

2009 Juju Claudius, The Chatham Singers

2008 Thatcher’s Children, Billy Chyldish & the Musicians of the British Empire

2007 Christmas 1979, Billy Chyldish & the Musicians of the British Empire

2007 Punk Rock at the British Legion, Billy Chyldish & the Musicians of the British Empire

2007 Poems of a Backwater Visionary, Billy Chyldish (spoken word)

2006 My First Billy Chyldish Album, Billy Chyldish

2005, Heavens Journey, Billy Chyldish & the Chatham Singers

2005 Medway Wheelers, The Buff Medways

2003, The XFM Sessions, The Buff Medways

2003 1914, The Buff Medways

2002 Steady the Buffs, The Buff Medways

2002 Here Come the Fleece Geese, Billy Chyldish & Sexton Ming

2001 This is This, The Buff Medways

2001 Live at the Dirty Water Club, Thee Headcoats

2000 Elementary Headcoats - Thee Singles 1990-1999 (compilation), Thee Headcoats

2000 I Am the Object of Your Desire, Thee Headcoats

2000 Ready Sect Go!, Thee Headcoats Sect

1999 In Blood, Billy Chyldish & Holly Golightly

1999 Here Comes the Cessation, Thee Headcoatees

1999 The Sisters of Suave, Thee Headcoatees

1999 English Gentlemen of Rock ‘N’ Roll / The Best Vol.2 (Japanese Compilation), Thee Headcoats

1999 The Cheeky Cheese, Billy Chyldish & Sexton Ming

1999 Crimes Against Music - Blues Recordings 1986-1999 (Compilation), Wild Billy Chyldish

1998 25 Years of Being Chyldish, Billy Chyldish

1998 Taylor Meets the Headcoatees, The Headcoatees

1998 17% Hendrix Was Not the Only Musician, Billy Chyldish and His Famous Headcoats

1998 Brother is Dead... but fly is gone!, The Headcoats

1998 Sherlock Holmes Meets the Punkenstein Monster (Japanese Compilation), Thee Headcoats

1998 The Messerschmitt Pilot’s Severed Hand, Thee Headcoats

1998 Devil in the Flesh, Billy Chyldish / Dan Melchior

1997 The Jimmy Reid Experience, Thee Headcoats

1997 Punk Girls, Thee Headcoats

1997 Chatham’s Burning - Live ’77 & ’78 Demo’s, The Pop Rivets

1997 Bostik Haze, Thee Headcoatees

1996 Made With a Passion - Kitchen Demo’s, Billy Chyldish

1996 Knights of the Baskervilles, Thee Headcoats

1996 Deerstalking Men, Thee Headcoats Sect

1995 The Sounds of the Baskervilles, Thee Headcoats feat. Thee Headcoatees

1994 Connundrum, Thee Headcoats

1994 Ballad of Insolent Pup, Thee Headcoatees

1994 Live at the Wild Western Room, Thee Headcoats

1994 Caesars Pleasure (Compilation), Thee Mighty Caesars

1993 Hunger at the Moon, Billy Chyldish

1993 At the Bridge, Billy Chyldish featuring The Singing Loins

1993 Native American Sampler - A History 1983-1993 (Compilation), Various

1993 Live in the Netherlands, Wild Billy Chyldish and the Blackhands

1993 Torments Nest, Billy Chyldish

1993 Cavern by the Sea, Thee Headcoats

1993 The Good Times Are Killing Me, Thee Headcoats

1993 The Wurst is Yet to Come, Thee Headcoats

1992 In Tweed We Trust, Thee Headcoats

1992 Caesars Remains (Compilation), Thee Mighty Caesars

1992 Have Love Will Travel, Thee Headcoatees

1992 The Original Chatham Jack, Billy Chyldish & the Blackhands

1992 Der Henkermann - Kitchen Recordings, Billy Chyldish

1992 The Sudden Fart of Laughter, Billy Chyldish

1991 I Am The Billy Chyldish (Compilation), Various

1991 Headcoatitude, Thee Headcoats

1991 W.O.A.H! Bo in Thee Garage, Thee Headcoats

1991 Girlsville, Thee Headcoatees

1991 50 Albums Great, Wild Billy Chyldish

1990 Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It’s Thee Headcoats! (Already), Thee Headcoats

1990 Live in Germany ’79, The Pop Rivets

1990 Beach Bums Must Die, Thee Headcoats

1990 The Earls of Sauvedom, Thee Headcoats

1990 The Kids Are Square - This is Hip!, Thee Headcoats

1990 19th Nervous Shakedown (Compilation), The Milkshakes

1989 Surely They Were the Sons of God (Compilation), Thee Mighty Caesars

1989 Long Legged Baby, Wild Billy Chyldish & the Natural Born Lovers

1989 Headcoats Down!, Thee Headcoats

1989 John Lennon’s Corpse Revisited, Thee Mighty Caesars

1989 The Delmonas, The Delmonas

1988 English Punk Rock Explosion (Compilation), Thee Mighty Caesars

1988 Do the Uncle Willy, The Del Monas

1988 Play: Capt’n Calypso’s Hoodoo Party, Wild Billy Chyldish & the Blackhands

1988 Brimful of Hate, Jack Ketch & the Crowmen

1988 Poems of Laughter and Violence, Billy Chyldish

1988 ”i remember”, Wild Billy Chyldish

1988 YPRES 1917 Overture (Verdun Ossuary), Billy Chyldish & Sexton Ming

1987 Live in Chatham, Thee Milkshakes

1987 The 1982 Cassettes, Wild Billy Chyldish

1987 Plump Prizes & Little Gems, Billy Chyldish & Sexton Ming

1987 Laughing Gravy, Wild Billy Chyldish & Big Russ Wilkins

1987 Punk Rock Showcase, Thee Mighty Caesars

1987 Which Head Donkey Daddy?, Billy Chyldish & Sexton Ming

1987 Don’t Give Any Dinner to Henry Chinaski, Thee Mighty Caesars

1987 I’ve Got Everything Indeed, Wild Billy Chyldish

1987 Fun in the UK (Compilation), The Pop Rivets

1986 The Milkshakes Revenge - The Legendary Missing 9th Album, The Milkshakes

1986 Wiseblood, The Mighty Caesars

1986 Live in Rome, Thee Mighty Caesars

1986 107 Tapes (Early Demo’s / Live), The Milkshakes

1986 Acropolis Now, Thee Mighty Caesars

1985 Thee Caesars of Trash, Thee Mighty Caesars

1985 Beware the Ideas of March, Thee Mighty Caesars

1985 The Delmonas 5, The Del Monas

1985 Dangerous Charms, The Del Monas

1985 Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Mighty Caesars

1984 Thee Knights of Trashe, Thee Milkshakes

1984 They Came They Saw They Conquered, Thee Milkshakes

1984 Showcase, , The Milkshakes

1984 Nothing Can Stop These Men, The Milkshakes

1984 The Milkshakes in Germany, The Milkshakes

1984 Sing and Play 20 Rock & Roll Hits of the 50’s & 60’s, The Milkshakes

1983 The Milkshakes IV - The Men with Golden Guitars, The Milkshakes

1983 After School Sessions, The Milkshakes

1982 14 Rhythm and Beat Greats, The Milkshakes

1981 Talking ‘Bout... Milkshakes, The Milkshakes

1979 Empty Sounds from Anarchy Ranch, The Pop Rivets

1979 Greatest Hits, The Pop Rivets


image courtesy of Emily Beaver